MSG utilizes a number of in-house systems which aid our collectors in locating information on debtors, responsible parties or assets. These systems are:
  • Insight America
  • Accuriant
  • Trans Union Social Security Search
  • Trans Union Credit Bureau Reports
  • EquiFax Credit Reporting Systems
  • NCOA
  • These have proved to be valuable tools to facilitate skip-tracing, matching and verifying information on debtors.

    Credit Bureau Reporting

    MSG is “on-line” to the major Credit Bureaus. The client may instruct us to adverse accounts automatically or issue specific requests that uncollected debts be reported to the credit bureaus.

    Security Protocols

    MSG takes debtor’s personal information security extremely seriously. Security precautions include the following:
    Our network is protected by a firewall limiting access to our network by “hackers”. MSG has a RAID 5 in place. Only authorized personnel with the correct login and password can access our system.
    The network containing confidential debtor account information is separate from our internal PC network, in accordance with HIPAA.
    All employees are trained to obey all HIPAA and FDCPA rules about third party disclosure. (MSG can provide a copy of our HIPAA action plan upon request.)
    Managers and Client Services representatives are required to use PGP encryption for all exchanges of sensitive data over e-mail.

    Client Contact

    Contact with our clients is typical through emails and phone conversations. MSG does make on-site visits if requested by the client:

    MSG uses email on a regular basis to communicate with all of the clients that we serve. Our client service representatives and managers have e-mail accounts that are checked on a regular basis to ensure the client’s needs are being meet.

    Requests for all of our standard and non-standard reports can be submitted via email or telephone. Most requests can be filled within the same day via an e-mail response or fax.

    Clients have the ability to view all the active accounts placed with MSG by linking up through an offsite IP address. The client has the ability to review notes and activities on an individual file starting from the day it is placed at MSG. Our clients can also leave comments on the file for our collectors to review.

    Remote access can only be granted after certain security protocols are set-up. The process is very simple to set up and is included for no extra fee. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

    Predictive Dialing

    MSG also provides automatic predictive dialing system. The unit is a Digital System Voicelink computer that can be pre-programmed to select information and calling frequency. This system is designed for large volume, small balance accounts. Information is downloaded and the system automatically dials the phone number. The MSG system is programmed to insure that a “live” collector responds when a debtor answers the call.

    Automated Mailing

    Our system is designed to transfer a file into an automatic letter series. The text of the letters is predetermined and our collector can choose a command to insure that the appropriate letter will be mailed to the debtor by the end of the business day.